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Our Story

Let’s face it, in 2009, no-one woke up and siad “we need another recruiting agency”.  Nope!  But after 20 years in this game, we felt it could probably use a better one.  One that recognizes the world of work, and the people in it have changed.    That it is no longer about working for the same company for your whole career, but rather Smarties want to work for a purpose.  Don’t get us wrong, we know money is still important, we just know that it’s not all about the money.  It is not about work / life balance, but about enabling work + life.   No longer the corner office, but more about working with great colleagues, doing meaningful work.

So thanks to our always on, always connected, business at the speed of light digitized world, demand for tech talent continues to soar, and we are on a mission to connect the best and brightest creative, tech and digital talent to those organizations, we consider to be employers of choice…  Our Clients! 

And since we know it is all about choice, our firm is all about delivering the highest level of consultant and candidate care, period.  It is about the relationships and trust we have established over decades working in the IT profession.

A peek inside how we work and what we believe at The Talent Source.

The Talent Source Culture Code

1.   Its about creating a company we love.  A company we are proud to be a part of.

2.  Talent Rules: so treat everyone that way.

3   Not all customers are good customers.   Be picky.

4   We can take on the “big boys”.  Creative Connected Talent and Technology enables us to.

5.  Be  the Leaders you want to see in our community.

We operate in major markets across the United States and support our global clients in select cities around the world.  This sees The Talent Source with Consultants on assignments in New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Santa Clara, Boca Raton, Minneapolis to Miami,  so it’s likely we have access to either the Talent or opportunity that fits your need.

The majority of The Talent Source Recruiting team is virtual, so we get to hire THE BEST in the business regardless of were they live.  We work really hard to deliver skills sets to support emerging technologies, create engaging users experiences and transform enterprises on behalf of some of the world’s best brands, so our team has the flexibility to pick their children up from school and be at their games, as afterall, we are all working to give our children the best life has to offer, just like you.. Right?

We like the Sun so you will find us headquartered in Sunny South Florida.  You should stop by and visit us when you are in town!