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So 2017 is the year of disruption!  Digital Disruption, IoT, AI, and much more!  To H1B, or not to H1B?   The impact of proposed "taxes on outsourcing", and the repeal of "Obama Care / ACA" will no doubt be some of the many issues the Tech industry faces as the new political landscape unfolds ...

At The Talent Source we remain committed to supporting our consultants and clients as we move through these times of uncertainty, knowing that the only thing that will be certain, is constant and rapid change.  The good news is that we have seen nothing but increased demand for digital and tech talent, so the outlook for our field for the near term remains strong.  As we continue to experience growth, we will continue to reach across our community to ensure as many as possible benefit from our good fortune and we invite you to join us in doing the same.  

Our CEO will continue to drive efforts to inspire more girls and advance more women in Tech thru and the ITWomen Charitable Foundation, and we will continue to support our team in giving their time to support the many worthy causes they believe in, which includes all things related to #EQUALITY.

The Talent Source is also proud to announce our appointment to the State of Florida's Term Contract to provide IT Consultants across the broad spectrum of roles from Project Directors, to Developers for State of Florida Agencies, Local Municipalities, and Cities, so we are looking forward to supporting Florida's continued journey into the Digital Age with new opportunities for local talent.

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