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2018 has been busy, busy, busy with no signs of slowing down for The Talent Source team.  We've settled into our new office digs and are continuing to grow our recruiting team to support the continued demand we are experiencing across the country for Digital and Creative talent.  Dispite initial uncertainty surrounding the political landscape, Enterprise customers continue to invest in creating engaging Customer Experiences, reducing costs by leveraging AI to automate processes and of course, are focusing on becoming more "Agile" to respond to constant disruption which faces all aspects of our digital world. 

Our CEO is  continuing to drive efforts to inspire more girls and advance more women in Tech thru and the ITWomen Charitable Foundation, and we  continue to support our team in giving their time to support the many worthy causes they believe in, which includes all things related to #EQUALITY.

So in the words of one of our largest clients,  buckle up and Sign up to receive Job notifications to connect to opportunities in 2019 as hiring season has begun!! ... 

Who says you need to be a developer to earn top $$ in Tech?
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