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Tech Search

Not all search firms are alike.... Who is represnting you?

When looking to engage digital or Tech leaders, we passionately believe that a specialist, really will do a better job.  A better job at representing you as a Tech Professional, and in representing your organization in the highly competitive Tech market. 

When working with Human Resource teams who are often overly committed to saving recruiting fees, we always pose the question... How many of the Tech Executives that have the skills needed to enable the change your organization is looking to drive, are on the unemployment pile right now? 

Let's face it.... Successful executives in any field, are the busiest.  They aren't the ones scouting the job boards or submitting applications to the latest Linkedin ads. Tech Executives are reached through longstanding relationships and referrals.  Introductions from trusted colleagues.  At The Talent Source, our team enables such introductions, in a condential manner.

We connect Senior level technologists to fill permanent and interim opportunities in the following areas:

Strategy   |   Security   |    Enterprise Architecture   |  PMO   |   Technology Leadership |  CIO Advisory Consultants